Saturday, January 10, 2015

Paul Goode - Resume, Maine

After attending USM and Southern Maine Community College’s HVAC program, Paul Goode has gained more than a decade of experience handling sales and marketing in numerous industries. Throughout his career, he has held leadership positions at such companies as Ocean Air, Inc., Thayer Corporation, and W.H. Demmons, Inc., and has continually met sales and management goals. He has averaged $1.5 million in annual sales and overseen large projects from beginning to end. Paul Goode currently leads online advertising and social media management company Green Pastures 23 Online Marketing in South Portland, Maine, as its Founder and President.

Paul Goode has over 10 years of sales and marketing experience. He has worked with clients from dozens of industries operating in as many marketplaces. Additionally, he has 2 years’ experience in online affiliate marketing and has successfully designed promotional campaigns ranging from energy efficient geothermal and solar products

to financial and business opportunities. Prior to founding Green Pastures 23, Paul proudly served as Vice President of Operations for W.H. Demmons, Inc. of Portland, Maine, where he led a team of 25+ employees. During his leadership the company’s revenue increased by approximately $2.5 million dollars. One of the most valuable tools he has gained through all of his business experience is an intimate understanding of how diverse each client’s needs can be, and how important excellence in customer service, transparency, and reliability is in a customer-business relationship. 

These experiences have provided him with the opportunity to found the online marketing firm Green Pastures 23. Green Pastures 23’s vision is none other than Paul’s vision for business – to deliver valuable services customized to meet each individual client’s needs in order to develop loyal and long lasting business relationships.

After all, like Paul, Green Pastures 23, recognizes that each company has diverse needs and deserves to have a well-planned, well-defined, and well-executed strategy. Each company and individual has their specialty, and online marketing is ours. We thrive on taking our client’s problems and turning them into progress. 

That is the expectation – nothing less.

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