Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Are you confused about #SEO?

SEO Fundamentals

SEO is not a simple accompaniment to online marketing it is the foundation. Following are a just a few key areas we focus on to supercharge your search engine optimization.

  1. Keyword research, we research your market and competition to identify which keywords are being used to find services like yours.
  2. Onsite review, our experts review your site to ensure you page titles and content incorporate these keywords.
  3. Site structure, we will recommend site structure changes that improve usability and prospect conversions.
  4. Site analytics, we will track and report valuable information about your site and its visitors.

Contact us to learn more about blogs, social media, back links, article syndication and more. 

About Paul Goode

An entrepreneur with more than 10 years of sales and marketing experience, Paul Goode directs Internet advertising operations at Green Pastures 23, based in South Portland, Maine. Among his various responsibilities as president, he guides the firm’s popular pay-per-click initiatives, which allow his customers to quickly direct online traffic to their sites and services. In addition, Paul Goode manages the SEO and email marketing services for the company’s clientele. Prior to establishing Green Pastures 23, Mr. Goode held executive sales and management positions with W.H. Demmons, Inc., also located in South Portland and successful commercial sales and service with Thayer Corporation. Throughout his career, he has achieved a closure rate of 34 percent and has averaged $1.5 million in revenue per year.

Away from the office, Mr. Goode enjoys a number of outdoor activities, from fishing to mountain climbing. He also likes to watch football and baseball games, especially those of the New England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox. Active in his community, he avidly supports a number of organizations, including his local church, the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital, and Volunteers of America.